Sound Transit’s new Angle Lake Station scheduled to open on Sept. 24


Sound Transit’s new Angle Lake Station – located on 28th Ave S. at S. 200th Street – is scheduled to open on Saturday, Sept. 24.

This elevated station – which cost $383 million – is located south of Sea-Tac Airport, near Angle Lake in SeaTac.

The 1,050-stall parking garage connects to the train platform via a covered pedestrian walkway.

Modern elevators and escalators connect riders to the pedestrian plaza at street level. From here, you can ride to Westlake Station in downtown Seattle in 41 minutes, and to the UW in about 48 minutes. Trains come every six minutes during peak hours.


Photo courtesy Sound Transit.

More details courtesy Sound Transit:

  • 1,166 concrete segments create the 1.6-mile elevated guideway from SeaTac/Airport Station to Angle Lake Station.
  • A 50-kilowatt solar power system is installed on the pedestrian walkway of the garage. 60 solar panels on the station platform canopy provide 14 kilowatts of power.
  • Artist Laura Haddad created the public art sculpture “Cloud” above the station platform. Wind activates thousands of individual discs while sunlight makes them shimmer and glow. The Cloud serves as a sculptural barometer of local weather.
  • Artist Jill Anholt’s public artwork “Immerse” appears to hang weightlessly in the portal of the plaza’s grand staircase, with the sculpture’s four delicate arcs transferring light into the parking area below.


  • Construction began: May 2013
  • Length/distance: 1.6 miles from Sea-Tac Airport to South 200th Street
  • Rider projection: 5,400 daily riders coming and going from Angle Lake Station by 2018
  • Budget: $383 million
  • Funding partners: FTA, TIGER III grant funding, PSRC, WSDOT
  • Planning partners: City of SeaTac and Port of Seattle
  • Parking: 1,050 parking spots are planned for the parking garage at Angle Lake Station.

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4 Responses to “Sound Transit’s new Angle Lake Station scheduled to open on Sept. 24”
  1. Earl Gipson says:

    There goes the neighborhood.

  2. Mysty Beal says:

    Yeah, like it could get any worse than being 1/10th of a mile from the end of the runway. We love taking light rail to go downtown, to the ball games, the museums, Seattle Center, with NO parking fees! Don’t know why you’re so negative about it other than because it’s a government-provided transportation benefit that middle to lower economic classes depend on, so surely beneath you…

  3. Chuck Darielli says:

    It’s a joke 10 million over budget and 10yrs late not worth another 54 billion so a few can go to a ball game does NOTHING for traffic it’s just another jobs project took less time to build the transcontinental railroad or the lincoln highway for crying out loud for that kind of money we could get you a limo buy your tickets and all the hot dogs you could eat for the whole season

    • Mysty Beal says:

      Mm-Kay, so every time I have family in town and want to show them the local and downtown sights, I hope your smart mouth will provide that limo. Otherwise, I can show them Tukwila, Boeing, Othello, Franklin High, Beacon Hill, SODO, Stadium district, International District, Pioneer Square, Westlake, et al for 2 bucks. Sorry you don’t like paying for it, but I don’t like paying for Republican wars in Iraq either – think light rail is the better investment though…