‘Blessing of the Animals’ is this Sunday at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church


At Noon this Sunday (Oct. 2), the people of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church will host a ‘Blessing of the Animals’ in Renton’s Jones Park (across the street from the church), complete with blessings and treats for all pets and people.

This is their fourth annual Blessing of the Animals.

Bring your dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters, tarantulas…all are welcome!

“The blessing of a living creature, according to the theologians, is an affirmation of its value in the sight of God, the acknowledgement of its right to flourish on this earth, and a declaration of a compassionate connection between the one who blesses and the one who is blessed,” reads an announcement. “The act of blessing non-human creatures fosters a spirit of care and responsibility for our fellow creatures, as well as a sense of respect or even reverence.”

“The custom of blessing animals on St. Francis Day stems from the saint’s own celebrated love for the natural world. In a time when wild animals were primarily seen as monsters or food, and domestic animals were routinely abused, St. Francis treated his fellow creatures as friends, brothers and sisters, and even teachers we could learn from. He lobbied officials to protect them, and urged his neighbors to care for them. He has become the patron saint of the environmental movement.”

More info about St. Luke’s is available at stlukesrenton.org.

Jones Park is located at 104 Wells Avenue South in Renton:

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