JACK MAYNE: It’s time to stop requiring students to attend dangerous schools

Commentary by Senior Writer Jack Mayne

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It is time to stop requiring the students of Highline School District to attend schools that are downright dangerous, while some vocal objectors throw objections that are totally wrong.

The full-throated objectors seem bent on using out of date or just plain wrong arguments to mask some anger at imagined or even real slights of the past. What they seem to forget is that the kids are the issue, not those few property owners second-guessing the Highline School Board and administration.

Those who say Superintendent Susan Enfield makes too much or does too little – even if they are right ­– are fighting the battle at wrong time. This bond issue will provide no money – as in none – for school operations or staff. The money can ONLY be used to build, repair and outfit school buildings. That’s the law, folks, despite the hyperbole from those who say the district uses it money incorrectly.

That could be an argument, but at a different time and under different circumstances. It can be fought AFTER the students of this district do not have to freeze in winter, swelter in summer and are forced to drink from fountains that could provide tainted water. Argue after there are enough quality classrooms for the student growth coming.

Highline High School is a dangerous place to attend school, and if this latest bond issue fails it means those voting no simply do not care about the young people who must attend there. The contentious argument against upgrading and adding to the district’s buildings comes from people who simply do not give a damn about the health and safety of students.

We care because whatever you think about the administration, the problems remain, and only the voters – not the paid help – can fix the problems with their vote in favor of the bond issue.

For this reason, the blogs and South King Media strongly supports the voter approval of the bond issue. Only you can provide a learning environment for the future leaders of South King County and beyond. Vote Yes!

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