Kent Regional Fire Authority changes name to Puget Sound RFA

The Kent Regional Fire Authority – which serves the City of SeaTac – has officially changed its name to the Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority.

For over 100 years, the Kent Fire Department has protected the residents and businesses of the area.

“However, as we continue to grow, our name needs to reflect the fact that we now cover not only Kent, but the cities of Covington and SeaTac, as well as King County Fire District 37,” the authority said.

In total, the new Puget Sound RFA covers 60 square miles, with 11 fire stations, and over 220 firefighters.

Here’s more info from the authority:

What changes can people expect? First, the public will see a new uniform shoulder patch and badge with Puget Sound Fire on it. Fire stations and apparatus will eventually reflect the name change as well. The organization is working hard to make an orderly changeover, which will also include the website, email, and other social media.

What will not change? The high level of service our residents and businesses expect and are ac- customed to by their firefighters. Dispatching, responses, and training are not affected by the name change.

The Puget Sound RFA name was chosen to reflect who we serve, not just today, but in the future as we continue to grow. That growth is to everyone’s benefit through economies of scale. This is the advantage that larger organizations have over smaller ones due to superior purchasing power. Purchasing in larger quantities allows savings per unit, and those cost savings can be passed on to the public.

They also have a new website here: and Facebook page here:

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