The Cactus Speaks: A long and worthwhile road.

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by Earl Gipson

A long and worthwhile road
On January 10, at the RCM (Regular Council Meeting) the Council passed the second part of the Code of Ethics. The Council already passed a code for themselves (electeds) and this part applies to the staff. It was passed without much fanfare but it is a big deal and hard fought for by the Citizens of SeaTac.

For myself and others this road started a decade ago with a SeaTac Planning Director (Steve Butler) who lied repeatedly about damn near everything. The question was why was this person never disciplined and was allowed to do this. The journey and subsequent queries led to others in the city higher up in the chain including two previous city managers and previous councilmembers who had no qualms about abusing their power and influence. Some continue to do so but are no longer in positions of power in our city. A couple (one in particular) remains but are no longer part of the majority. If he is reading this he knows that I am talking about him. Golly (inside joke #1).

From a personal standpoint
I have my own personal Code of Ethics that I wrote down in my early twenties (had to change). I carried it with me for three decades in my wallet but it is now etched in my mind. They are the rules I live by. They are private but you can do it for yourselves. There must be a point when you say to yourself “I cannot and will not do that” no matter the consequences (there usually are) and be able to look at yourself in the mirror. Does not apply to sociopaths.

My Appreciation
Thank you to Acting City Manager Joe Scorcio, the staff, and the councilmembers who kept their promise to implement the Code/s of Ethics. Welcome 2017. Last year took a bit of a toll on some of us.

Cactus Song selection:
No, I am not going to jump off a cliff or overpass (inside joke #2). Learning to Fly. Pink Floyd 1987:



2 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: A long and worthwhile road.”
  1. Doug Hill says:

    Thank you for the tireless campaigning for this much needed code for a city that operated for many years in complete contradiction to a strict code of ethics. And yes, this action would never have been addressed had the composition of council not changed as drastically as it did last year. One has to ask the question- why were the old council members and a few on current council so afraid of living under what appear to be the same honorable ideals we impart to our children?

  2. Pam Pollock says:

    Thank you Earl!
    We need more citizens like you that really care about what goes on in their local Government and has the determination to see it though!. Kudos to the current City Council minus a couple members from the former regime for establishing the ethics code so that those that continue to be dishonest will be held accountable.