Hearing on bill to study air pollution around Sea-Tac Airport will be Thursday

UPDATE: The date for this hearing has been moved to Thursday, Feb. 2.:

A hearing on a bill that would require a State Health Department study of air quality implications of increased air traffic at Sea-Tac Airport will be held in Olympia this Thursday, Feb. 2, the office of Sen. Karen Kaiser said on Monday.

Under the legislation, the study must be in two phases, the first is an assessment to be completed by the University of Washington public health school. The study will be an assessment of “the ultrafine particulate matter in the areas surrounding and directly impacted by air traffic generated by the airport.”

The bill (SB5225) says this assessment component of the study is to be completed by Sept. 1, 2021.

A second phase of the study that must begin after the first part is “an analysis of options to reduce or mitigate emissions of ultrafine particulate matter from aircraft” from “use of alternative fuel sources” by planes.

The study needs to consider the cost of the various alternatives.


One Response to “Hearing on bill to study air pollution around Sea-Tac Airport will be Thursday”
  1. Diana Lincoln says:

    The legislature must recognize that SeaTac airport is nearing capacity. While the consideration of alternate fuels is to be applauded, a long term solution to the concentration of particulate must be investigated. Yes, I am encouraging the exploration and implementation of the second airport solution in Everett. This is a long term answer to many problems and is achievable in the very near future.