SeaTac’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan amendment process is underway

The City of SaTac’s Comprehensive Plan amendment process is underway, according to the City:

The Comprehensive Plan presents the community’s vision for how the city should grow and change to meet the demands of a growing region.

This biennial amendment process (occurring in odd-numbered years) is an opportunity for community members to propose changes to the Comprehensive Plan. Additionally, in order to maintain consistency between SeaTac’s development regulations and the Comprehensive Plan’s goals and policies, the City is conducting a concurrent development regulations amendment process.

Proposed Amendments from the Public are Welcome!

Application Packets: Information and amendment application packets are available from the Department of Community and Economic Development, or via the Comprehensive Plan web page at

Application Deadline: The submittal deadline for Comprehensive Plan and Development Regulations amendment applications is Friday, April 28, 2017.

For more information, contact Kate Kaehny at 206.973.4750, or [email protected], or come to City Hall and talk to Planning Division staff.


One Response to “SeaTac’s 2017 Comprehensive Plan amendment process is underway”
  1. Robin Sanders says:

    Hello :), Thank you for posting the plan for Seatac Parks & Rec. It’s exciting. A couple important points, which have concerned my family for some time, seem missing – I’ve had initial contact with Mr. Forschler and Ellis about them. Feedback desired.

    1) More greenbelt needed in immediate vicinity of airport to combat air pollution from planes.

    2) Less focus on further developing North Seatac Park, which is already substantial and further from the airport. Des Moines Creek Trail is wonderful, but more greenbelt necessary and open plan for running around (Angle Lake Park is very picnic and toy oriented).