The Cactus Speaks: Mobile Home Park racism accusations continue for no good reason

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by Earl Gipson

Mobile Home Park racism accusations continue for no good reason

Amid accusations of racism/discrimination, the Firs Mobile Home park residents appeared in Council chambers during Public Comment at the March 14 meeting, again reading from a script written by agitators.

Firs Mobile Home Park residents were misled. There is no question of the legality of the Firs Mobile Home park closure. The owner, Mr. Park, met all the state requirements, the City reviewed them (as SeaTac code requires it, others do not), and the hearing examiner under his sole authority rejected their appeal. Next stop Superior Court to appeal the hearing examiners decision. The SeaTac City Council has no role so protesting the Council and calling them racist is futile not to mention disrespectful, rude, misguided, stupid….. (I could go on).

Known agitator
The fact that the state makes the rules for closure, compensation, and relocation also reflects State Representative Gregerson’s involvement in making signs and only helping them protest says volumes of what she was willing to do. Nothing.

Instead of submitting legislation at the state level to add CPI to the mobile home park closure compensation she would rather harass the sitting City Council/Citizens that ousted her. Sore loser and vindictive is putting it mildly. Making signs (we have a picture) and even trying to involve me (believe it or not)) does nothing for the park’s residents.

The Tenants Union 
I think the Tenant Union just wants some free press and further push their own agenda. They are smart enough to know the legal requirements have been met. The laws be damned, we have signs and T-shirts. That’s fine. Go protest in Olympia where you can change the laws on mobile home parks. Better yet, write some legislation for Gregerson to sponsor (good luck).

Here’s some free press. Tenant’s Union Staff (here) . Helena Benedict was the translator/speaker/organizer at the Council meeting. On this issue, please protest the right place. Olympia is Exit 105 heading South on I-5.

Closure has nothing to do with racism, discrimination, etc

Mobile Home Park living in an increasing urban area is a bad idea when you do not own the land yourself. You are buying a depreciating car and parking it in a rented parking space. Improving it and expecting to get your money back is a pipe dream.

This story is repeated time and again with these parks. See (here) for another recent mobile home park closure story. It has nothing to do with racism/discrimination. It is money/investments plain and simple.

Economic reality
Know that your mobile home is temporary, take advantage of the low land rental, and save your money for buying your own property. Even that is not completely safe. Just ask the people who got in the Light Rail right-of-way.

Once the Angle Lake station was sited, the game was pretty much over. The land value jumped and those who were (land banking) waiting for inevitable redevelopment are going to cash out. This goes doubly true if it is second or third generation owners who have no emotional attachment to the property and is the legacy left to them by their parents/grandparents.

My advice to Firs residents
I can empathize with your plight. I made a mistake in 1980 regarding real estate. It took us 12 years to recover from my own stupidity and our home was taken. I was not smart enough at the time to negotiate. Now is the time for the residents to negotiate with the owner in person (if the waters haven’t already been poisoned by the agitators).

To the owner Mr. Park (we have never met) I ask that you reconsider your offer to the residents. The belligerence and any bad blood is not their fault. They were led to believe signs and T-shirts would do the trick and force your hand. In the economic and legal sense, we both know better. I truly would like the residents to remain residents of SeaTac but remaining in the mobile home park is not feasible and we know the outcome however long these tactics may delay the inevitable. I will not write about this again but I will about Ms. Gregerson’s continued covert and overt harassment of the sitting SeaTac Council.

Cactus song selection
I admit I read a LOT of Science Fiction (unintended consequences taken to extremes) but at the rate we are going we will not last even close to 10,000 more years. In the cosmic sense “a flash in the pan.” Cool song.

In The Year 2525-Zager and Evans-1969-Lyrics in the video:


5 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Mobile Home Park racism accusations continue for no good reason”
  1. Doug Hill says:

    Pathetic when you see how self serving, small minded politicians like Assemblywoman Gregerson prey on the plights and emotions of the so called disenfranchised. These same pawns in a losing game were also present at last week’s taping by King 5 on “what’s going on in Sea Tac” but I don’t think they were ready for the brilliant and compassionate repudiation of their “Sea Tac is Racist” mantra by Jeff Robinson. We as a city have gone above and beyond in dealing with this legal transfer of property and the tenants from that property. Why this same group is not storming Gregerson’s and other STATE politicians offices for some assistance is no secret. Nothing ever gets done in Olympia and if there was some relief from the State for these people, then they could no longer be used by inept politicians….

  2. Pillsbury Dough Head Boy says:

    Gergerson is vote buying. I think liberals of ran out of playing that card. There only 52 cards in a deck. She is using the 53rd.

  3. chuck darielli says:

    It just does make you wonder people voted for gregerson and expected help of any kind and voting for light rail and expecting a free ride hmmmm

  4. C Stanley says:

    I feel for these people losing there homes. My concern is for helpless pets that will no doubt be left behind. The trailer park just off 99 and north of The Best Western had many poor abandoned cats and I think it took rescuers about a yr to trap them all. The number was something like 100 cats in all. I hope that this will not be the case for this park but I expect it will and would someone make sure that these animals are not left behind to starve and be run over.
    Thank you

  5. Earl Gipson says:

    I was just rereading my column and realized I forgot the state statute reference. The statute for mobile home relocation is RCW 59.21 which can be found at: The website will also translate to other languages. See the language choices at the bottom right of the page.

    Estaba leyendo mi columna y me di cuenta de que se me había olvidado la referencia estatal. El estatuto para la reubicación de casas móviles es RCW 59.21 que se puede encontrar en: El sitio web también se traducirá a otros idiomas. Consulte las opciones de idioma en la parte inferior derecha de la página.