Firs residents file lawsuit to overturn mobile home park closure; seek legal costs

By Jack Mayne

Residents of the Firs Mobile Home Park have filed a new action in King County Superior Court seeking to overturn all aspects of a city decision to permit the closure of the facility on Oct. 31.

Crisanto Medina, the president of the Firs Home Owners Association, filed the suit on March 24.

Beyond halting the Firs closure, the crux of the latest suit is that the Firs’ residents want the city to pay them the “actual reasonable attorney fees, costs and expenses incurred” in its various court actions. The suit also suggests a judge award them “additional and further relief as the court finds just and equitable.”

City officials have told Firs’ residents that state law gives the city no control over the desire of the owners to develop the property beyond ensuring that the property owner follows state laws. SeaTac approved the relocation plan submitted by the facility’s legal owner, Fife Motel Inc., on Oct. 17, 2016.

One of the issues in the case is that Jong Park, the owner, has offered each resident $2,000 in relocation fees, an amount much less than finding another residency in SeaTac.

The action claims that a SeaTac hearing examiner failed to follow several “follow prescribed procedures” and that a later reconsideration of the matter was denied.

A main issue outlined by attorneys for the Firs’ residents was that many of them do not speak English, and that documents that were translated to Spanish were often badly done, “making it difficult or impossible for residents to understand the issues.”

The residents also claim the property owner was wrong that they did not have to provide checklists and other environmental documents in Spanish.

The Firs Mobile Home Park is located at 20440 International Blvd. and suffered a fire in July, 2016:

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