LETTER: ‘Are council priorities getting a Dick’s and rescuing baby squirrels?’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a *revised and re-posted* Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

On Feb 19th, I emailed the SeaTac City Council, Joe Scorcio and Lance Lyttle with POS (see attached email) As of today, I have heard nothing from the SeaTac City Council or Joe Scorcio.

Also on Feb 19, The Cactus Speaks: posted on The SeaTac Blog ‘Surprise! Seatac Councilmembers make how much? (so now I’m questioning the amount).

So, it seems their priorities are getting a Dick’s restaurant, rescuing baby squirrels, and having driverless vehicles.

I mean, who really wants to deal with 250+ homes that have families, small children, the elderly living in them, planes flying 850ft-950ft over their houses, inhaling jet fumes and unable to get sleep because there are cargo planes landing EVERY MINUTE on the 3rd runway at midnight and the house is rattling and shaking?

So the only thing I could think of is:

I will have to invite…. The Seatac City Council and Joe Scorcio to the Quiet Skies Puget Sound Community Forum-Fight the Flight 101: that will be held at Mt. Rainier High School (go RAMS lol) April 26, 2017 6:30pm-8pm as a post on The SeaTac Blog since there is more communication from council on here than the city email.

I would also like a response on the email I sent in February and what are they going to do.

So now that the baby squirrels are safe….. how about rescuing the hundreds of people living under the south end of the runways…

- Jen Scaman

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7 Responses to “LETTER: ‘Are council priorities getting a Dick’s and rescuing baby squirrels?’”
  1. Pam Fernald says:

    Speaking only for myself, I have not received anything from you in my city email.

    Please tell me to what address you sent your email?

    As for the baby squirrels, I spent my own personal time and money taking care of that situation, so you needn’t be concerned. Thank you. 🙂

  2. Kara says:

    Complaining accomplishes nothing. Don’t expect others to change your family’s circumstances, be proactive, find solutions to your problems.

  3. Pillsbury Dough Head Boy says:


    Don’t worry Joe will not respond to your needs. He never did to my emails. He should be terminated immediately for poor behavior.

    In hindsight Todd Cutts always respond to my emails when he was city manager. Big mistake in looking back to terminate Todd Cutts.

    The police chief should be terminated for poor performance to reduce crime. Keystone Cops, I mean City of SeaTac Keystone Cops.

  4. chuck darielli says:

    Pillsbury Dough head Boy Maybe if you used your real name he would respond or maybe that is your real name.

  5. Joel Wachtel says:

    Dear Pillsbury Dough Head,

    Seriously, come back to the planet earth! Todd Cutts participated in the financial debacle that cost SeaTac $19 million is the K&S lawsuit and $24 million in lost parking taxes! Not to mention snaking through the ever popular Utility Tax that the citizens loved! Maybe he answered your emails but he did nothing that was good fo the taxpayers in this city!

    I’m not surprised you hid your name!

    • montier says:

      Mr. Wachtel: How long have you lived in the City of SeaTac. Aren’t you from New York? Who did you vote for in the last election? The public will need to know who you are – not just the spin you, and your supporters, put on your political profile.
      After you file, are you going to be less mean?

  6. Melissa says:

    Just a question, does your mom live in Des Moines? Have you reached out to their city manager along with Burien?