FAA responds to City of Burien’s Petition, will stop airplane overflights

On Thursday, April 13, 2017, the City of Burien received word from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stating they would be ceasing the North Flow flight patterns over Burien.

As we’ve previously reported, the North Flow flight corridor, also known as the “New Route,” has caused significant noise impacts to Burien parks, schools, residential neighborhoods and other noise-sensitive areas.

In the letter, the FAA states they have amended the letter of agreement they hold with Seattle Airport Traffic Control Tower by removing language that allowed propeller-driven aircraft to make automatic turns using the North Flow route. They also state they will returning to previous procedures guiding flight corridor routes.

“We are pleased the FAA recognized our concerns about the impact of low-flying propeller-driven aircraft on our quality of life,” Quiet Skies Coalition spokesperson Larry Cripe said. “The Coalition will continue to work with the FAA to make sure the voices of Burien residents are heard.”

On February 14, 2017, the City of Burien petitioned the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit to review final decisions by the FAA related to North Flow flight departures from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The petition asked the Court to review FAA’s denial of requests to modify or cease flights using the North Flow. The petition also asks to review the FAA’s decision to not reopen consultation or conduct the required environmental review of alternative routes that would cause less harm to the City and its residents. The City will continue working with the Quiet Skies Coalition to ensure resident concerns about flight patterns are included in the process.

“We are looking forward to working with the FAA to ensure they use the appropriate process for public engagement and environmental review of future flight patterns,” Interim Burien City Manager Tony Piasecki added. “We will remain vigilant, and continue to protect the interests of Burien residents.”

More information:

About the City of Burien
The City of Burien is a vibrant and creative community, where the residents embrace diversity, celebrate arts and culture, promote vitality, and treasure the environment. For more information, visit www.burienwa.gov.

About the Quiet Skies Coalition
Quiet Skies Coalition is a 501c4 organization whose missions to restore the quiet skies over the greater Burien area. For more information, visit www.quietskiescoalition.net.


5 Responses to “FAA responds to City of Burien’s Petition, will stop airplane overflights”
  1. Joel Wachtel says:

    Congratulation to Quiet Skies Burien, a citizens group and their leader Larry Cripe and his associates, who formed the group, raised money for the fight and then convinced the Burien city council to release the funds for an attorney to take on th airport! Their swift victory shows that citizens can exert control over their cities and Skies when they come together. This is a win of a major battle for local cities rights against the airport and the FAA. All residents of local cities around the airport must stay viligiant and fight for their rights when required! This proves we can’ get a better response form the Port and FAA if we work together!

  2. Joel Wachtel says:

    Obviously, we have either an FAA employee or an FAA supporter reading the blog!

  3. Melissa says:

    Of course there’s an FAA support and employee reading this blog.

  4. chuck darielli says:

    Of course they won’t have the guts to comment with their real name

  5. Pillsbury Dough Head Boy says:

    Who cares from the FAA about flight paths. The FAA ASI only care about planes crashing into the ground.