LOST: Have you seen Oliver the Dog? He was last seen at Grandview Dog Park

LOST: Oliver got lost because he was out with someone unfamiliar at Grandview Dog Park in SeaTac and got scared – he ran off into the woods and slipped through a little gap in a gate that only a 7 lb dog could slip through!

NOTE: There is a reward for information leading to the safe return of Oliver!

We had many people searching the area for hours but he could have hidden anywhere. I have been checking the local shelters via phone and websites, and going to the RASKC shelter 3x a week. Thank you for the suggestions and keeping an eye out!

Oliver is chipped and neutered. He was wearing the harness seen in the photo above at the time he ran off.

Please call Tatiana at 206.412.0286 with any information you may have regarding Oliver. Thank you so much!

Also check out the Facebook page to see what has been done to find Oliver so far: https://www.facebook.com/FindingOliver1/

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