LETTER: Joel Wachtel is running for SeaTac City Council, Position #2

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Hello to all my friends and neighbors in SeaTac,

I am a candidate for position #2 on the SeaTac city Council. I have been a community activist for the past 2 1/2 years.

I have never held political office and have no desire to become a career politician. I am running for office because I believe that my successful business background would help the city in our goal to make SeaTac better. I strongly believe in fiscal responsibility and transparency. I have never been a member of any political party and because of that I am free to make decisions based on what taxpayers want and not be obligated to follow someone else’s agenda.

I am one of the original members of the SeaTac Airport Advisory Committee and I have been active in addressing the port of Seattle regarding the recent proposed tree cuttings and the need for the airport to become a better neighbor. I believe it is essential to create a more balanced relationship with the airport for the city to successfully grow along with the airport.

My wife and I moved to SeaTac from New York after we retired to be closer to our grandchildren. I had been in business 45 years and have worked with Fortune 500 companies, startup companies, and have created three successful businesses of my own, during that time. I know the importance of planning, budgeting and evolving within the city since I have done it in business for over 4 decades.

When I analyzed the city I could see 25 years of failure at taxpayer expense. A change was clearly needed and that’s why I became an active supporter of the new Council majority in 2015. In only 16 months that new majority has proven itself by balancing the budget, eliminating a deficit, increasing the city’s cash reserves and adding personnel to the police department. They are fulfilling their promise to make SeaTac better! I want to help continue the path the city is now on because I believe it is the right path and it will succeed.

I seek your vote so that I may serve the community with my skill set so that SeaTac can become a shining example of what a community in King County can accomplish when managed properly. If you wish to know more about my positions, just put my name in the search on this blog and you will find a number of articles that have been published regarding local city issues.

It would be an honor to represent you and our local community.

– Joel Wachtel

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8 Responses to “LETTER: Joel Wachtel is running for SeaTac City Council, Position #2”
  1. Mr. B says:

    Having heard Joel speak at Council sessions as well as the Airport Committee; I am glad to see him run for a seat.

    Joel definitely is a non-partisan and open-minded individual that we really need to have on the SeaTac City Council. He brings a unique skill set and doesn’t accept the status quo just because it’s the status quo.

    Thank you Joel for running and trying to help make SeaTac a better place to live and work!

  2. Doug Hill says:

    Joel is EXACTLY the type of neighbor we all need on City Council. Extremely intelligent, never satisfied with “going along just to get along”, and gracious with his time for everyone, Joel embodies the term “good public servant” in ways I know his opponent sorely lacks.

    SeaTac is on the rise! A balanced budget (just like what we all have to live by in our respective households), money to hire more police officers, no more backstabbing and back room deals. Support Joel so he can continue our WINNING WAYS!!!

  3. Erin Sitterley says:

    Thank you for putting yourself out there, Joel. You are seeking election for all the right reasons!

  4. Jo Ann says:

    Thanks for running Joel. I know we don’t always see ‘eye to eye’ on everything, but that’s what the council position should be for – a true non-partisan that stands up for what he believes while being fair and open mind indeed!
    A long time resident that TRULY cares for the people in this community and is as HONEST as they come!

  5. Earl Gipson says:

    Mr. Wachtel is a little different. Being reasonably new to the area, he has attended as many meetings (and possibly some Councilmembers) as I have in the past few years so he is no newbie to the issues of our City and jumps right in. He actually reads stuff and comprehends it immediately.

    Yea, we argue a bit, but at least he’s willing to talk (at length, mind you) whether we agree or not. He is never rude where I can’t always say that about myself (his incumbent opponent beats me in that category hands down).

    He has been an asset to our City since he’s been here and already has a rapport with our Staff members. His knowledge, experience, and diplomacy would fit nicely on our City Council.

  6. Steven Beck says:

    Will create a Great balance of opinions on this council, good luck at the primary!

  7. Shirley Reed says:

    I have known Joel @Maria for 3 1/2 years. They are very concerned with doing good for our community. Joel would be an asset to our Council as he would work well with the council. He is very knowledgeable and knows what makes Business work. He has my Vote. Shirley Reed. SeaTac resident for 46 years.

  8. chuck darielli says:

    I see every comment has one thumbs down OH Katheryn