LETTER: ‘It’s a misdemeanor to mess with campaign signs, and candidates know this…’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

Disappearing campaign signs have been a problem as long as political campaigning itself has been around.

Today I read an accusation on Facebook by one candidate of another that their opponent is stealing their signs. The effort used in jumping to conclusions of theft by an opponent is probably better spent on just reporting the sign disappearance to the police, and they will monitor when they can.

It is my belief that this type of negative campaigning, without proof to uphold an accusation, is very unhealthy for campaigns…

This is my third term running and since 2009 I have had signs removed, vandalized, destroyed – signs never to be seen again. There are any number of reasons that signs disappear…

Per RCW RCW 29A.84.040, it is a misdemeanor to mess with campaign signs, and candidates know this. (There was a situation in SeaTac awhile back where someone, not a candidate, was found to have removed many campaign signs and had them stored on his property. He was prosecuted.)

Signs are a big expense for candidates, so if whoever has those signs reads this Letter to the Editor, please return the signs…And if you’ve had any thoughts of messing with campaign signs, please don’t.

Let’s all be civil.

– Pam Fernald

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  1. chuck darielli says:

    Strange how the principal of Tyee made the same claim to another candidate the night before their signs came up missing.

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