LETTER: Say goodbye to crime by saying ‘Hello’!

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Say goodbye to crime by saying ‘Hello’!

Ever wonder why major retailers station employees at the door to greet customers as they enter? Sure it’s a nice gesture of welcoming their customers, but it is also a crime deterrent. Criminals don’t like to be recognized and by acknowledging them at the door, they know they’ve been spotted.

The same can hold true in your neighborhood…see a stranger? Greet them with a kind hello, or ask them if they need help…nothing confrontational, just let them know they’ve been spotted. If their behavior appears suspicious, call 911 and allow law enforcement to ‘greet’ them – this lets criminals know you care enough about your neighborhood.

How do you know if someone is a stranger? By getting to know your neighbors, you soon learn who belongs and who are visitors – you get to know when ‘something just doesn’t look right’ and you are compelled to report it. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that!

Therefore my challenge to my community on this day of ‘National Night Out on Crime’ – I challenge you to meet at least four of your neighbors around you. Ideally you already know your neighbors in front, behind and on both sides of you – now expand your network by reaching further down your block. Get to know who belongs, what is ‘normal’ and know when things ‘just don’t look right’ and don’t hesitate to report suspicious activity… Let criminals know you care about your neighborhood – and let them know they’re being watched.

– Clyde “Fuzz” Hill

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