The Cactus Speaks: Let’s talk about the SeaTac Primary Election

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Let’s talk about the SeaTac Primary Election

By Earl Gipson

Still a disappointing 23.5 percent voter turnout but there is a bright spot.

New SeaTac Voters
In 2015 SeaTac had 12,054 registered voters. The primary showed we now have 13,344. A gain of 1,290 registered voters or about 10 percent. That’s pretty good and now they just have to vote and get that turnout up.

Attempted election purchase didn’t work so good (Position #4)
First of all, a full time paid lobbyist running for SeaTac Council? Can you say Special Interest? Ms. Shaunie Wheeler raised about three times as much money ($19,250) as her competitors and spent most of it ($14,278) as in six times as much in the primary as her opponents. Do you think her lobbyist/political buddies gave her money? Well duh.

Add to that, a scathing pamphlet statement from competing candidate Pamela Pollock, not answering position questions (our blog), and a bit of a driving problem I suppose coming even close (41 votes) is worrisome but SeaTac voters dodged a special interest bullet.

A note to potential SeaTac Council candidates. Want a free background check? Run for office in our City.

Good luck to both Clyde (Fuzz) Hill and Pamela Pollock in the November general for Position #4.

Travel plans on hold? Position #2
With former Code Enforcement Officer Terry Farden eliminated it will be Frequent Traveler (on our dime) Councilmember Kathryn Campbell versus Frequent Talker Joel Wachtel in the November general. Yes, I talk a lot too but it is important that I crack myself up now and then for sanity. You can view the Council expense reports (here).

Mr. Wachtel has become very educated in City finances/affairs. I cannot say say the same for Ms. Campbell. I offered her a sample Hearing Examiner case and she handed it back saying she wouldn’t understand it anyway. Nothing like continuing education, heh? She was the only Councilmember, staff member, and/or Citizen past/present who didn’t at least look at it/give it a try. She might have had an airplane waiting.

Offered an “olive branch” and an appointment to the very critical/important SeaTac Airport Committee, Ms Campbell politely (sort of) told Mayor Siefkes where he could put the branch. Now she chairs the Sidewalk Committee. Good move.

My run-ins with Ms. Campbell in the various committee meetings have not been stellar. Being rude is just one talent I have observed she has. She may even give a compliment but somehow you walk away feeling “sticky.”

Ok, fine. I am obviously not fond of Ms. Campbell (personally justifiable). No secret. I’ll take the frequent and informed talker any day. After reading Terry Farden’s pamphlet statement (here) I can kind of figure out where his support will go in the General.

In closing
More fun stuff as we approach November, I’m sure. I am getting the feeling the Port Commissioners would like more of my attention soon. We will see.

Cactus song selection
A little something for the air guitarists:

Always With Me, Always With You-Joe Satriani-1987 (instrumental):


3 Responses to “The Cactus Speaks: Let’s talk about the SeaTac Primary Election”
  1. Steven Beck says:

    Very well written, always informative and enjoyable to read. Thanks

  2. Doug Hill says:

    As always, a very salient and beautifully biting political observation from Mr Gipson. When the citizenry is exposed to how some candidates are wholeheartedly funded by those same outside interests that were quite frankly responsible for the near demise of Sea Tac, we turn to those candidates who have OUR INTERESTS at heart. I want to be governed by my neighbor, not a special interest group from Olympia or Seattle.

  3. Jo Ann says:

    Thank goodness most of those who voted ‘saw through’ the falseness of the ‘Shaunie Wheeler’ candidate purchase by outside interests. Hopefully most will ‘wake up’ to the phoniness and self-serving elitist who constantly disrespects her constituents with her disgusting and disparaging behavior towards them at council meetings and beyond; who never passes up an opportunity to ‘USE’ taxpayer dollars for her own benefit. Just in case I need to tell you – Her initials are KC….