Homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect in SeaTac

Just after 11 a.m. on Thursday (Sept. 14), SeaTac Police received a call of a burglary at a residence in the 17600 block of 38th Ave S. (map below), along with shots being fired.

When deputies arrived, they found a man lying next to a bedroom window dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

The 35-year old homeowner told police that he heard a noise in the bedroom where his two toddlers were sleeping, and that when he went to investigate he saw two suspects attempting to break into the window.

The homeowner said he fired multiple shots, striking one of the suspects. The other suspect fled the scene on foot. Police used the Guardian 1 helicopter, multiple patrol units and K-9 to search for the outstanding suspect, but he was not located.

The investigation is being conducted by King County Sheriff’s detectives who will forward the case, when completed, to the King County Prosecutor’s Office for review and a charging decision.

The SeaTac Police Department contracts with the King County Sheriff’s Office for police services.


4 Responses to “Homeowner shoots, kills burglary suspect in SeaTac”
  1. SARGE says:

    This sounds like the same MO of two young men that broke into our neighbors house and stole jewelry, cash. ID, etc last Sunday in Burien. AM break in through a back yard window. Lot’s of people out mowing their lawns, kids playing in the street, etc. Brazen thieves.

    Did anyone happen to notice a vary large (300ish lbs) woman on her cell phone, wearing a clear plastic backpack at the time? She was up and down our block 3x during the burglary and left at the same time the thieves ran out the back yard.
    Possible lookout and accomplice. Felt I should mention it in case anyone saw her again.

    Glad the homeowner and their kids are ok. Sorry you had to be the one to stop these guys. It was going to happen sooner or later. Don’t feel guilty for protecting your children and your home from burglar’s. I would have done the same thing. Thank you and take care of your little ones.

    • BurienMom says:

      You must be in the same area as me. We’ve seen this lady as well walking up and down this area “on her phone” and have heard whistles. We wondered if something like this was going on

  2. Sheri Turnley says:

    My best friend in high school lived in that house until about 10 years ago. This makes me sad.

  3. Earl Gipson says:

    I was informed at the Council Meeting Tuesday by SeaTac Police Chief Mulligan that the second suspect has been apprehended.