LETTER: City Council Candidate shares responses to recent questionnaire

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader. It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

Dear Editor,

Rather than let another interpret my responses to the South Sound Chamber of Commerce Questonnaire, I am sending you my entire statement.

Any voter wishing to contact me regarding any issue covered is more than welcome to email me at [email protected] or call me at 206-979-2028.

I encourage everyone to vote, rather than let others make decisions about our city for you.

Thank you very much,
Kathryn Campbell

1. Do you currently hold elected office? If so, what office do you hold?
Position 2, SeaTac City Council

2. What has motivated you to serve?
SeaTac is my home town. I retired and decided to pay forward what it gave to me, to help my city and the people and businesses in it.

3. Provide us an overview of your leadership vision and describe the role of the business community within your vision?
I agree with many leaders that all work has worth. Whether one owns a huge corporation or a mom and pop shop, business offers a chance to make one’s mark, to help others as well as earn a living and support one’s family and community. My leadership vision is based in the premise that we are stronger, more resilient and better off when we are all working together. Everything springs from this.

4. If elected, what are the three most important things you hope to accomplish and how do you intend to carry out these goals?
I believe that increased revenues should be used for the benefit of the people, not just tucked away. Therefore, the city should work on increasing law enforcement to improve safety and security of homes and businesses. I will support this goal as a council member and in the community.

Some of the revenue of the city is necessary to run the basics: administration, services, etc. After that, the purpose of revenue is to support and enhance the lives of our residents. More programs for both Seniors and our kids will receive my full support.

From our parks to Puget Sound, our physical environment needs support also. The value of living in this beautiful city comes from what we see (and don’t see) around us. I support restoration of the Green/Duwamish watershed, the King County Flood Control District, and local efforts to involve our kids as well in keeping it “green.” Many jobs in our area serve this goal, so it is also a priority for me to see good local jobs for local people.

5. Please rank the key business issues below and explain your position regarding each and your level of involvement in finding solutions including how you would fund the solutions, if applicable. Also, please add any possible solutions you may be willing to offer or pursue during your term of office. (With #1 being the Highest Priority and #12 being the Lowest. No duplicates please.)

  1. Crime and Public Safety
  2. Economic Development (Recruiting and retaining business and job creation)
  3. Healthcare
  4. Education Funding (K-12)
  5. Funding for Higher Education and Workforce Development (Apprenticeship Programs, Community Colloge, Trade Schools, 4-Year University)
  6. Public Transportation
  7. Homelessness and Housing Insecurity
  8. Environmental Issues
  9. State Highway Transportation Improvements (SR167. SR509)
  10. Funding for Mental Health and Opioid Crisis
  11. Pay Equity
  12. Paid Family Leave
  13. Reduction of Regulations and Taxes on Businesses

I think all the issues listed are important. Politics is the art of the possible. No one gets all they want, when opposing viewpoints collide. Information is essential, and informed projections based on past performance help us come to decisions to benefit as many as possible.

One thing I am sure of is this: hateful attitudes and speech serve no one. I support efforts to come to consensus, and if no compromise can be reached, then the watchword must be service. I have yet to meet and talk with a single business owner in SeaTac or anywhere else that is not devoted to serving his or her customers. So am I. I work for A NONPROFIT. The purpose of city government is to improve the lives of our residents. Whether they vote for me or not, the day after the election is over, I represent ALL of them. Service is the only legitimate reason to go through the political process.

6. Please tell us a little bit about your educational, leadership and work background, including any degrees or professional designations you may have earned. Please describe how that experience uniquely qualifies you to serve.
Occupations: Manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications for 40 years. Now retired, serving SeaTac.
Education: B.S.-Human Services; attended Highline schools and Washington State University. AWC Certificate in Municipal Leadership.

Forty years of experience working in various corporate environments has taught me that consensus is slow. The benefit of taking the time to build it is that every stakeholder then has an interest in success. Nearly four years on the city council has verified that concept. Working with other bodies, such as the Water Resource Inventory Area 9 (WRIA9), has demonstrated that voices multiplied are magnified. The Chamber itself sets the example of cooperation and mutual benefit; that is one reason I support it.

7. Please describe briefly what you believe are the most important contributions, if any, that you have made to your community.
I have worked on national, state, county and local issues in an effort to support my city and its people. That includes the businesses within it. The Highway 509 Leadership Team brought a united voice to Olympia, and helped persuade the legislature to at last fund 509. Business has a big stake in this project. Completion means one extra trip for every freight truck between the port facilities and the Kent valley distribution centers PER DAY. Multiply that by the number of trucks on 509.
Working on the restoration of the Green/Duwamish watershed is just as important. It is a very short way from salmon return and reproduction to Orca killer whales in Puget Sound (their main diet is salmon), to tourists and then on to jobs for our families, so it may be silly to be called “The Fish Lady” by some, but I see the ultimate purpose as worth the effort.

8. What are the most effective methods of communicating with you, if elected?
Any and all. My door (and email) is always open, and I am willing to listen to anyone.

9. What are the top three threats to the vitality of the business community and what are you willing to do to help minimize these issues?
I would say falling behind economic trends, lack of cooperation and insularity of thought. I try to keep up with what is going on around the region, and will support efforts to broaden the scope of business as we know it today, as well as looking for new ideas and working for more ways to help each other succeed.

10. What one additional thing (if any) is especially important for the Chamber to know about you, or about your campaign?
The myth of candidate support by “outside interests” as perpetuated by some people needs to be ended. Whether a business employs workers supported by a labor organization or not, every worker is interested in the success of his or her employer. So then, is a labor organization. There is nothing wrong with choice. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the intentions and beliefs of our candidates.

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6 Responses to “LETTER: City Council Candidate shares responses to recent questionnaire”
  1. Pillsbury Dough Head Boy says:

    Glad Kathryn is not stamping off on aircraft parts or issuing airworthiness certificates.

  2. chuck darielli says:

    She works so well with others that’s why she refused to be on the airport committee. Can’t fill her sidewalk committee or score

  3. Joel Wachtel says:

    Read this questionnaire careful, it really says nothing! No plans, no promises and many references to issues outside the city.

    Why elect someone who doesn’t even mention the Airport and the Port of Seattle as things that impact the city? Obviously they are either out of touch with the reality of the situation or they are politically muted from taking a position. While I have represented the citizens of SeaTac for over a year and a half on the SeaTac Advisory Committee, my opponent declined an appointment to that committee without presenting a reason! (See the video: http://badkathryn.com/?p=79). I am also member of Quiet Skies Puget Sound and fought to save our trees! As a citizen I am actively invested in the city’s best interests.

    You can see my position on matters over the years by entering my name in the “search” on the SeaTac Blog!

    Make your vote count! Vote Joel Wachtel!

  4. Jack Trevino says:

    After reading her voters pamphlet statement and these answers I can only come to the conclusion that Kathryn has missed her calling in life of being a fiction writer. After watching most of the council meeting videos over the last couple of years I cannot see that she has done a thing to help the city but only to rack up over $9000 just in travel expenses which the city has been forced to pay. From what I saw it appears that 4 other council members IN TOTAL spent around $1500. I guess we will also have to ADD to her number as she said she was going to ANOTHER conference at the last meeting.

  5. Jack Trevino says:

    Wait! Are you using your city cell phone number to campaign from? That seems like a definite PDC violation!!!