Tyee High School Senior Aracely Casillas inspires others to code

Tyee High School senior Aracely Casillas was recently featured in a Code.org video meant to energize school districts, community leaders and Fortune 500 companies to ensure every kid in America has equitable access to computer science learning:

Just 40% of U.S. schools offer computer programming courses. But in Highline, nearly 90% of our high schools and 100% of middle schools offer computer science courses and programming.

“The best part about computer science is that it’s a challenge, and I love a good challenge,” Aracely said.

Aracely wants to make sure students just like her, all across the country, have the same access to computer science that she has in Highline.

“Computer science changed a lot for me. It changed where I am going. It changed where I see myself in 10 years,” she said.

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