Courtney Gregoire selected as Port of Seattle Commission President Tuesday

Port of Seattle Commissioners Steinbureck, Bowman, Gregoire, Felleman, Calkins in Commission Chambers at P-69, 9 January 2018.

Two new Port of Seattle Commissioners – Peter Steinbrueck and Ryan Calkins – along with re-elected Commissioner Stephanie Bowman took the oath of office on Tuesday, Jan. 9, while selecting Courtney Gregoire to serve as Commission President for 2018.

“I look forward to the hard work of preserving the industrial lands that support family-wage jobs throughout our region, protecting our environment, and growing our economy in ways that benefit everyone,” said Commissioner Peter Steinbrueck. “Our economic diversity makes King County resilient and rich in opportunities. I look forward to working with the community on growing those opportunities.”

Commissioner Steinbrueck was born and raised in Seattle, Washington. As a former three-term Seattle city council member from 1997 to 2007, Peter led numerous legislative efforts to advance innovative programs and policies in comprehensive planning, land use and development, parks and open space, affordable housing, climate protection and renewable energies, water conservation, municipal waste reduction, and urban mobility. His full bio can be found here.

“I am honored to join the Port of Seattle Commission,” said Commissioner Ryan Calkins. “I look forward to bringing economic growth and expanding opportunities to our region while being environmentally sustainable in our actions.”

Commissioner Calkins works as a nonprofit professional at Ventures, a charitable organization that supports low income entrepreneurs to start and grow their businesses in the Puget Sound area. Born and raised in Edmonds by a public school teacher and a small business owner, Ryan now lives in Seattle with his wife and three children. His full bio can be found here.

Port of Seattle Commissioner Stephanie Bowman, who joined the Commission in 2013, was re-elected for a second term. “In my first term I helped the Port take its internship and workforce training programs to more individuals and communities and helped increase our partnership with cities around King county. I am energized to continue those expansions while working with communities on their economic and community development priorities.”

Commissioner Bowman currently serves as the Executive Director of Washington ABC, a statewide non-profit organization promoting policies and programs to help economically-disadvantaged communities build assets through investments in education, homeownership, savings and small business development. Raised in Hilo, Hawaii, Stephanie moved to Seattle in 1991. She lives in the Beacon Hill neighborhood in south Seattle and is an avid windsurfer. Her full bio can be found here.

Commissioner Gregoire will be Commission President for 2018. “The Port of Seattle will continue to lead on economic and community development for our region while leading in environmental sustainability,” said Commission President Courtney Gregoire. “We want to insure that all of our community members benefit from the ongoing growth at our facilities throughout King County.”

Seattle Tacoma International Airport continues to lead the nation in airport growth, while Port of Seattle cruise terminals expect to top one-million revenue passengers for the second year in a row. Workforce training, recapitalization of the North Pacific Fishing Fleet, and further development of real estate properties will also remain priorities, while maintaining a smaller carbon footprint across the organization and region.

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