Upper drive of Sea-Tac Airport closed due to suspicious package Sunday

On Sunday afternoon, May 6, the Port of Seattle Police Department responded to a suspicious package outside the main terminal, and closed and evacuated the upper drive.

“Out of an abundance of caution, the upper drive has been evacuated,” the Port said. “Appreciate your patience.”

The Port later gave full clearance and re-opened the terminal.

The Port said that the package was safely removed for further investigation. During the investigation, Port law enforcement officials closed the airport drives where vehicles pick up and drop off passengers. Vehicles were diverted into the garage at no charge.

Officials have not yet revealed what the mysterious “package” was, nor what it contained, but both a bomb squad and a Hazmat team were seen.

The traffic diversion significantly slowed traffic around the airport. Traffic management specialists were sent to nearby intersections to help manage vehicle flow and airport buses traveled along airport roadways to pick up passengers who attempted walking to the terminal.

“Thank you to passengers for their patience during the investigation, and to Port of Seattle law enforcement teams, Washington State Patrol, Sound Transit’s Link High Oil, and Washington the Department of Transportation, who all assisted with the investigation and traffic management,” the Port said via Twitter.

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