Mayor Siefkes quits SeaTac City Council and is moving from city for health reasons

By Jack Mayne

At the very end of the SeaTac City Council meeting on Tuesday night (Sept. 11) Mayor Michael Siefkes announced he was leaving the Council and moving from the city, citing his very serious heart attack of about a year ago.

“I am proud of the accomplishments as I leave,” Siefkes said. “We cut taxes and saved the citizens” a lot of money, he said, adding the Council under his leadership saved residents millions of dollars.

He lauded his experience with the Council members, noting specifically City Attorney Mary Mirante Bartolo and City Manager Joe Scorcio and their support.

The Council at its next meeting will have to chose another member of the Council as mayor. Councilmember Rick Forschler served briefly as mayor earlier, but left office after a controversy over a chosen acting city manager.


4 Responses to “Mayor Siefkes quits SeaTac City Council and is moving from city for health reasons”
  1. JC Harris says:

    I certainly wish him the best. But I wonder: is this move related in some way, even indirectly, to the airport?

    • Michelle S says:

      J.C., I am intrigued. I love me a good conspiracy theory, so maybe if you can connect the airport with: widowmaker heart attack, venous abnormality (increased stroke risk), and throw in various other stress related health issues, doctors warnings, and a wife’s ultimatum (because she’d like her husband to stay alive), you can see what you can come up with. LMK, k?

      • JL says:

        It’s so important to do what’s best for yourself and your family – I respect him (and his support system!) for making the necessary changes, however hard and whatever insane speculation they invite. Thank him for his service to the city of SeaTac, and thank you for making it possible!

  2. Clyde Hill says:

    In my opinion, Mike has helped lead a lot of positive changes in SeaTac. He will surely be missed.