FOLLOWUP: Deputy Mayor Erin Sitterley will serve as Acting Mayor for SeaTac

As we first reported, SeaTac Mayor Michael J. Siefkes announced at Tuesday’s meeting that he was stepping down from the City Council.

In the interim, Deputy Mayor Erin Sitterley will serve as the city’s Acting Mayor.

At the next Regular Council Meeting on Sept. 25, the City Council will elect a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor and discuss the process of choosing a replacement for the unexpired term for Council position #5 vacated by Siefkes.

“I am proud of the work we have done as a City Council over the last two-and-a-half- years,” Siefkes said.

One example of his legacy during his tenure is the successful signing of an interlocal agreement between the City of SeaTac and the Port of Seattle that he described as a “model of relationship with the Port.”

In addition, Siefkes spoke about further accomplishments of this Council.

“We have cut taxes by millions of dollars by not raising property taxes…we have been able to save the citizens and I think truly, we have made the City a better place.”

“During his tenure, the Mayor has made a significant impact to the City,” City Manager Joseph Scorcio said. ”During his term, the City has gone from a projected budget deficit to a healthy reserve fund and also improved relationships with our neighboring cities and community partners such as the Port of Seattle.”

At the end of the Council meeting, Siefkes praised his fellow Councilmembers and stated,” I am really happy with the Council as I leave, I feel the City is in great hands.”

Siefkes is a long-term resident of SeaTac, and is married with six children. Following the meeting, he shared that he and his family are planning to move out-of-state.

Siefkes’ term began in January 2016 and runs through December 2019. In addition to his current responsibilities as the Mayor, Siefkes also served and chaired multiple City and regional committees.

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