Police pursuit of stolen vehicle starts in SeaTac, ends in Burien Thursday night

The King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that a pursuit – which started in SeaTac – ended in Burien Thursday night, Dec. 27.

Police say that a stolen vehicle, which was used in a robbery, fled from Officers in SeaTac and ended up near 1st Ave South and SW 160th Street.

“They caught the vehicle in Burien and have the driver in custody who fled on foot, but Guardian 1 spotted the suspect and he was arrested,” Sgt. Ryan Abbott told The B-Town Blog.

A witness told us:

“Major police activity – possibly including Guardian One – at/near 1st Avenue South at about SW 155th, with no less than eight Patrol officers zipping down towards the Ambaum Cutoff road by Burien Nissan (SW 160th).

Now we hear the search helicopters.

Whatever it is it’s huge.”

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