SeaTac Council will fill the Amina Ahmed vacancy from previous list of applicants

SeaTac Fire Explorers opened Tuesday night’s meeting.

By Jack Mayne

Because the list of city residents seeking a SeaTac City Council seat was relatively recent, the Council decided to use that list of 12 residents for their selection for the vacancy created by the recent traffic accident death of Councilmember Amina Ahmed.

The Council was told Tuesday evening by City Attorney Mary Mirante Bartolo that it has 90 days from the sudden, tragic death of Ahmed to fill the position with a new member, or state law would allow the King County Council to fill the vacancy.

A new councilmember will be chosen from the previous list:

  • Andrew Ried-Munro
  • Parmbir Singh
  • Stanley Tombs
  • Jennifer Corona
  • Brandon Pinto
  • Craig Baker
  • Kent Palosaari
  • JD Hill Jr.
  • Daniel Santon
  • Takele Gobena
  • Deborah Myers
  • Mario Coluccio
  • Nimco Bulale

The candidate appointed by Council will serve through the November 2019 General Election certification.

No reason for new list
Deputy Mayor Clyde Hill said the applications were recent and there would be no reason to seek additional candidates. Others supported that view and the Council decided not to open up the application process over the list developed when Ahmed was chosen. The final decision would come after an executive session to discuss applicants.

The actual new member would be selected at an upcoming public Council meeting.

City Clerk Kristina Gregg had suggested that the Council could again interview the candidates from the October list of councilmember candidates, or they could consider those applicants and see if others would like to be added to the candidate list, and the third option would be to start the process all over again.

The Council will make a selection from that list, minus any who might seek not to be considered again. Gregg told the Council on Tuesday night that she checked with all the earlier candidates to see if they were still interested. She said “out of the 11 people, eight of them said yes, one said maybe and one said no and one had not responded by Tuesday night’s meeting. The person who withdrew from the application was citizen activist Vicky Lockwood.

The new councilmember would be chosen after an executive session “hopefully by Jan. 17.” The selected person could be sworn in and would face voters in the November election. Dates could change as the city and Council members decide.

New City Manager Carl Cole.

First meeting for new City Manager
Former and now retired SeaTac City Manager Joe Scorcio attended his last formal meeting in December and was succeeded in January by former SeaTac Police Chief Carl Cole. Scorcio remains on deck to provide assistance as needed for Cole, the city’s agreement with him specifies.

New City Manager Cole introduced newly promoted city employees, Parks Project and Operations Manager Michael Fitzpatrick and Parks Operation Supervisor Aaron Wiseman. Also introduced by Cole were new employees, plans examiner Doug Powell and new civil engineer Albert Flint.


3 Responses to “SeaTac Council will fill the Amina Ahmed vacancy from previous list of applicants”
  1. Vicki Lockwood says:

    I would like to clarify why I withdrew my name from the pot of citizens who had applied previously for the City Council opening. When I became involved in my City’s political arena all I ever wanted to do is to be an informed citizen. I have never had a desire to be a Council Member or a politician. I do not have the skill set required to be an effective politician.

    Last October I reluctantly threw my name in to the hat of ‘interested citizens’. I thought I would be someone who the Council could just ‘live with’ until the Nov. 2019 election when the voters would then decide who they wanted seated on the dais. I am not bitter that I was not selected last October, and I am not trying to make any sort of statement about who they did select or who they will select this 2nd time around. I embrace our current Council and support their goals. I am rooting for them to select an applicant who will help them to continue down the path they’ve been travelling. I will continue to attend Council Meetings and do my best to understand why our City is doing this or that, or not doing that and that and that.

    Thanks to all of you who asked me to throw my name into the hat last October. I would not have done so without your encouragement. In the process I learned a little more about who I am and where I want to sit in any political arena.

  2. Clyde Hill says:

    I truly appreciate your consistent and continuing involvement as a volunteer in community organizations and local government affairs.