SeaTac City Council unanimously selects Stanley Tombs as new Councilmember

During a Special Meeting Monday night (Jan. 14), the SeaTac City Council appointed Stanley Tombs, Jr. to fill vacant Council Position Number 5 and complete the current unexpired term.

The appointment took place after the Council reviewed 10 applicants who previously applied and interviewed for the then vacant position last October. In December, Councilmember Amina Ahmed passed away, creating the vacancy.

Mr. Tombs will be sworn in at the Jan. 22, 2019 Regular Council Meeting and will serve until the certification of the November 2019 General Election.

Tombs was born and raised in SeaTac even before the City was incorporated. He is retired from the legal industry, and is the current is Vice-Chair of the SeaTac Planning Commission and has been a member since July 2017. In addition, Tombs attended the previous City of SeaTac Community Leadership Academy which teaches residents about how the City government operates.

The City of SeaTac has a seven-member City Council elected by the residents. The Council chooses from among themselves who will serve as Mayor and Deputy Mayor for a two-year term. The Mayor is recognized as the head of the City for ceremonial purposes and is the chair of the Council Meetings.

The City Councilmembers are the leaders and policy makers elected to represent the community and to concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to the needs and wishes of the residents and businesses. The SeaTac Council makes policy, land use, and budget decisions for the City.

The City Council appoints a full-time City Manager to oversee the daily operations of the City and to advise, implement, and administer the policies adopted by the City Council.


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  1. Chuck Darielli says:

    congratulations Stanley.