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SeaTac Center business evicted for not paying rent, others have until Aug. 31


By Jack Mayne [2]

A Somali business owner of SeaTac Market, who was renting space at SeaTac Center International Market, has been evicted by the City of SeaTac for repeatedly paying her rent with checks that were rejected by banks due to a lack of funds.

The eviction of owner Sahra Abdulle had nothing to do with the upcoming general eviction of all other largely Somali refugee tenants in the market self-styled as an international market. Many of the small, mostly female run businesses wanted the city to continue to allow the market to remain in business, but instead the city sold the property for what will become low income living facilities in a newly built structure, as depicted in this rendering:


The final move from the store took place on Thursday, Feb. 21.

Property Manager hired
In January, the remaining 10 tenants were sent a letter by the city’s hired property management firm, Kidder Matthew to follow up on a March 12 letter which gave tenants a nine-month notice that the site was being redeveloped, until Aug. 31, 2019.

Because of previous notices, the tenants received more than 16-month notice to relocate, city officials have said.

The city has offered some relocation assistance and some tenants have taken advantage of this offer, said Kyle Moore, SeaTac Government Relations and Communications Manager, but there is no general fund for such relocation by the remaining inhabitants.

Kidder Matthews last year had gone to King County Superior Court seeking a show cause hearing to allow eviction of all tenants after the general tenant of a majority of space in SeaTac Market was more than $89,000 behind in rent, the city said.

Moore said that since the original court documents were filed, the SeaTac Market has paid more than $50,000 but the SeaTac Market still owes about $42,000.

The evicted tenant was originally supposed to move out by Friday, Feb. 8 after a three-day eviction notice. Next the tenant wis supposed to vacate the retail space by close of business today, Feb. 21.

In a separate development in January, the remaining 10 tenants were sent a letter by Kidder Matthews to vacate the SeaTac Center by Aug. 31. This letter is a follow up to the March 12, 2018 letter which gave tenants a nine-month notice that the site was being redeveloped. So the tenants have received more than 16-month notice.

The SeaTac Center is located at 15245 International Blvd S.:

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