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Deputies help save driver’s life after accident, get nominated for award

Two SeaTac Deputies helped save a driver’s life after car accident on Friday, Mar. 22.

Here’s more from SeaTac Police:


Deputy C. Mulligan located a single vehicle collision in which the involved vehicle drove into a telephone pole. The vehicle suffered extensive damage from the crash. Upon initially checking on the driver, Deputy Mulligan found him to be moaning, moving and breathing. Deputy J. Bartolo arrived a short time later to assist and they requested Aid to respond. Deputies Mulligan and Bartolo noted that the driver was no longer making noises. Deputy Mulligan immediately checked on the driver and saw that he was no longer moving. Deputy Bartolo checked for a pulse and none was found. Both Deputies quickly removed the driver from the vehicle and to a spot safely off the roadway.

Deputy Bartolo immediately began chest compressions while Deputy Mulligan retrieved his bag valve mask so they could provide ventilation to the victim driver. Deputy Mulligan also requested an AED equipped patrol Deputy respond to assist. A short time later Puget Sound Fire arrived on scene along with Medics who took over lifesaving efforts. Fire and Medic personnel were on scene for some time trying to revive the driver, which included two AED shock applications. Deputy Mulligan was advised that Medics were able to stabilize the driver and that he now had a pulse.

Detectives later spoke with family of the driver and learned that the driver had suffered a massive heart attack, but he was medically stable now. The driver’s brother expressed his gratitude for Deputies Bartolo and Mulligan and mentioned that the nurse told him that the early CPR likely saved his brother’s life.

It is clear that the immediate actions of both Deputies Mulligan and Bartolo led to the driver’s life being prolonged until medic personnel were able to take over lifesaving efforts, which ultimately led to the driver’s survival of this ordeal.

Both Deputies Mulligan and Bartolo were nominated for a KCSO lifesaver award.

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