Des Moines Memorial to get smoothed out, McMIcken parking woes at Council

By Jack Mayne

The SeaTac City Council heard more McMicken parking restrictions complaints and approved fixing Des Moines Memorial Drive at its regular City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 23.

During public comment time, Doris Mole, 81, a longtime McMicken Heights resident, told the Council of concerns about the prohibition of cars parking on her street for more than three hours because of street crime in the area.

Grandkids can’t visit?
“I know some of those people” who have been having problems in the neighborhood, “but that is not applicable in our street and I am furious to think that SeaTac can tell me where to park,” she said. “What’s happened to my neighborhood? I don’t understand my own grandchildren can’t come to spend the day because they be there three hours.

“I am just asking for some clarification as to why we are getting it in the neck,” Mole told the Council. “Why is there a problem? Why are you making a problem? And I really think that you are.”

Mayor Erin Sitterley said she would have someone from city staff talk with her “because this is not the first time I’ve heard comments like yours from folks along your road.”

Then Steve Pinto of the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee told Council of “the amount of refuse or garbage that is now being strewn on streets, our residential areas, it’s getting bad. Lot of it is in the residential areas. It is getting worse.” He suggested it could lead to a rodent problem.

Des Moines Memorial Drive to be fixed
Council approved awarding a $1.8 million contract for the 2019 Street Overlay Project contract to Miles Resources Inc. of Sumner.

Council was told the 2019 Overlay Project will repair and overlay approximately 2,800 lineal feet of disintegrating pavement along Des Moines Memorial Drive South, from South 128th Street to South 136th Street. The project will also install new water quality treatment facilities. Intersection improvements consist of replacing curb ramps, a pedestrian signal, pedestrian pushbuttons, and a new traffic signal detection system will also be constructed.

Councilmember Peter Kwon suggested such an amount of money might influence changing the name of the road to SeaTac Memorial Drive but was told there was a lot of history to the name extending back to World War I, but the Council did have the power to make such a change. The issue was laughingly dropped after it was suggested people watch the Des Moines Council on the issue.

Council also initially authorized a utility relocation agreements with CenturyLink, Comcast, Zayo Group and Seattle City Light as part of the Military Road South and South 152nd Street improvement project with final approval slated for May 14.

In other action, the Council confirmed Mayor Sitterley’s Re-Appointment of David Korthals and Kathleen Brave to the Sidewalk Advisory Committee.


One Response to “Des Moines Memorial to get smoothed out, McMIcken parking woes at Council”
  1. Wayne Turk says:

    I am sure that when the all day parking of SeaTac Airport workers became a issue the home owner had no intensions of having restrictions adhered to their carb side parking.
    There needs to be a way to differentiate between vehicles that may be visiting a home owner (for more than the allowed three hours) and vehicles that are using the street as a parking lot. Maybe a small window placid that the home owner can place on the dash of a visitor’s car. The placid would allow a extended period for curb side parking and inform the Parking Code Enforcer that the vehicle is a guest of the home owner.