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By Earl Gipson

Property Taxes (City portion) Will Not Increase
For the fourth year in a row the City Council unanimously voted at this week’s Regular Council Meeting (10/22/19) not take the 1 percent increase on Property Tax. This Council and staff have worked wonders with the budget after the Majority Council in 2015 left them an intentional mess including a $2.5 million deficit on their way out. Now we have a surplus, a balanced budget, and an increase in services. Annual revenue increased from ~$37 million to $~40 million since 2015 (after the last Majority Council got booted by the voters).

When our revenue increases, so does Human Services spending. It increases automatically with an increase in the General Fund. I don’t know of another City that sets aside that much (1.5 percent of our revenue) for that purpose. See Page 22 of the of the City budget under General Budget Policies (here).  Those groups that we have heard complain about our Human Services spending have not adequately justified getting their cut. Where does the money go?  The allocations are shown on the City website (here).


On The Campaign Trail…
Mailboxes are being flooded with numerous campaign flyers from 4 SeaTac Council challengers as Rep Mia Gregerson, 33rd Dems, and outside interests try a very hostile takeover of the SeaTac Council. Oh look, a well run City. We can’t have that! Lets screw it up.

The “Independent” SeaTac Progress flyer (John Wyble) is the same bunch who tried so hard but lost in our last election/s. They haven’t changed but reappear with lots of outsider money and agendas. Look who Mr. Wyble’s “roommate” is (here). It is none other than good ole Ms. Gregerson. Shocking.

A Lie or Two Doesn’t Hurt Either…
Rent Control or Rent Stabilization cannot be enacted by a City Council as the challengers and their supporters are claiming on their websites and while canvassing. It is against the law per RCW 35.21.830 (here).

Another false claim by the 4 challengers (same methods) is that Bow Lake Manor is being upzoned for commercial development. The truth is quite the opposite. The new owners (Carlyle Group) have applied for an expansion of the park (more pads) via the M-2 Comprehensive Plan amendment. See page 21 (here). There is no opposition to this from the Planning Commission or City Council.

Challengers still MIA (Missing In Action)
I hope you appreciate the pun. The 4 challengers are still no-shows at Council, Committee, and Commission meetings. Unlike our schools there is no award for attendance, however they still might learn something by showing up and paying attention.

And now some levity

Cactus Song For the Column
Elected-Originally by Alice Cooper-1992. Humorous Video adaptation by Bruce Dickinson & Mr Bean:

Lyrics here: https://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/alicecooper/elected.html