[EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a Letter to the Editor, written by a Reader (we offer one free letter posting per candidate running for SeaTac City Council). It does not necessarily reflect the opinion of The SeaTac Blog nor its staff:]

It has been a privilege to serve you for nearly four years as your Councilmember and Mayor.  I wanted to make sure you are up to speed on the good work your Council has been doing for the City, and ask you to remember these wins as you consider your vote  November 5th.  I am asking for your vote to re-elect me to SeaTac City Council, Position 7.

Promises made and kept.  A record of real progress and forward-thinking for our City of SeaTac.

Repeal the utility tax  The utility tax was repealed by the previous council as one of their last actions in 2015.  In doing so, they left a 2.5 million dollar hole in the budget which the current council retired within 3 months of taking office.

Cut waste, improve revenues, balance the budget  In the first 90 days, we found 2.5 million plus in unnecessary spending and filled that hole!   Sustainable revenues and budget discipline has been my focus.

No increase in taxes or fees   The Local City portion of your property taxes have not been raised in the past three years, nor will they be this year (2020).  Fees for permits and licenses, including business licenses, have been reduced across the board.

Transparency  Restoration of the council committee process, considering all decision items in open public meetings  Establishment of twice yearly townhall meetings .

Ethical governance  Responding to resident requests, we established codes of ethics for city government and staff.

Improved public safety  We have added additional police officers to our force, including dedicated crime detectives and two motor-cycle traffic cops. Improved the fire services contract with Puget Sound Regional Fire Authority, realizing savings while enhancing services. 

Better relationship with the Port of Seattle (SeaTac International Airport)   Established a 10 year interlocal agreement with the Port, ensuring consistent communication, community support and a guaranteed minimum 30 million dollar fund coming in to help make up for the increased traffic, people, expenses to our city as a result of airport operations.  

Re-establish a real financial reserve  Lifted the City out of a 2.5 million dollar deficit, we now have a 25 million dollar reserve that will keep our city stable through future economic downturns. 

Clean up long term liabilities  In 2019 we entered into an agreement to sell property near the S. 154th light rail station, as well as surplus property on S. 200th.  This returns both parcels back to the tax rolls and allows for needed housing and commercial development to bring in more small local businesses.  Private ownership of land is the American way.

Improve community services  Improved the way our City allocates over $500,000 annually towards human services by focusing on our own resident’s needs, keeping more funds in the city for emergency services and funding long term programs of education and job training.

Improve parks, recreation opportunities for all  Approved spending on new ball fields at Valley Ridge, approved a private-public partnership to create the Angle Lake trail and expanded lakefront park, opened the Riverton Heights Park as designed by the local residents, support to expand and improve the Highline Botanical Garden. 

A competent, inclusive council focused on SeaTac   I have lived here 31 years, and  have deep roots in the city. I  work hard to represent every one of our almost 30,000 residents equally, equitably and fairly.  I resist outside efforts to change our character, while working collaboratively with sister-cities, county agencies, State and local transportation districts.

Create a more welcoming community, with something to offer anyone who calls SeaTac “home”  Your council has passed a resolution embracing and celebrating the richness and depth of the diversity of our City, and we LIVE IT. SeaTac is  a good place to live, work and raise a family.  

I am fortunate to serve alongside Stan Tombs and Peter Kwon, also seeking a return to the Council.  Please vote for all of us, to help us continue our work towards a safe, sustainable and beautiful SeaTac and a community to call home!

Thank you!

Erin Sitterley

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