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The City of SeaTac

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Incorporating as a city in 1990, the city of SeaTac is still a fairly young city which has come along quite well so far and continues to grow and embrace changes as the world and our community grows and changes.  In case you are new to SeaTac or haven’t noticed before – you live in a great city!  

SeaTac residents enjoy many amenities for a city our size including a broad range of places to worship; four elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools. SeaTac is unique because we have an international airport in the middle of our city which draws many visitors to, and through, our city. And, we are tucked between two cities which provide lots of retail and restaurants for us to enjoy as we also realize some of the most affordable housing in our region right here in SeaTac.

Check out the links below (in bold type) and then visit one, or more, of our great SeaTac Parks and Gardens or our Community Centers, or any number of other activities in SeaTac which are open to all!

SeaTac Quarterly Magazine/Parks Activity Guide (Fall 2019)

The City of SeaTac runs a very popular Senior Program and folks from all around the area participate in our Senior Program. We also boast a lovely Senior Center within our Community Center, with a Senior Lunch Program with lunch 4 days a week and live music and dancing on Wednesdays and lots of Senior activities and day trips to enjoy! Our Seniors also volunteer as members on the Senior Citizen Advisory Committee.  Our Senior Holiday Bazaar is Nov. 2 from 9 – 3pm at the SeaTac Community Center.

On November 11, 2019 at 11am, we will open our beautiful new Veterans Memorial Park at the SeaTac Community Center!  All are invited!

Our Human Services are outstanding! 1.5% of our budget goes to services for our SeaTac citizens in need. This amount is currently over a half a million dollars.

We have a host of volunteer Advisory Committees and everyone is welcome to participate and apply for a committee

SeaTac at a glance.

I hope you find this info helpful in living a full, active life in the great City of SeaTac!  Hope to see you at the Senior Holiday Bazaar this weekend and at the Tree Lighting festival.

– Pam Fernald
40 year city of SeaTac resident and taxpayer

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