On Thursday, Mar. 26, 2020 at around 12:30 p.m., a SeaTac homeowner saw an unknown male suspect sitting in the driver’s seat of his wife’s car, which was parked in his driveway.

Police say that the homeowner opened the car door and asked the suspect what he was doing.

The suspect tried to get out of the car, but the victim blocked him and called 911. While on the phone with 911, the suspect pushed past the victim and tried to flee the scene. The victim grabbed him, and the suspect and victim began to fight. At one point the suspect produced a knife, which he tried to use on the victim.

SeaTac Police arrived on scene quickly and arrested the suspect.

When the suspect was questioned, he claimed he came to work on the car, not steal it. Yet, the suspect punched the ignition and broke the steering column which is what thieves do to start the car (see photo below).

“Methamphetamine was found in the suspect’s pocket, which he of course claimed he had found inside the vehicle,” police said.

The suspect was booked into jail.

Photo courtesy SeaTac Police / King County Sheriff’s Office