SeaTac, please EAT LOCAL to help local businesses…Stay In, Eat Out!

Support your local businesses, buy local food and groceries!

Everyone can help our local businesses and benefit from doing so. SeaTac is home to more than 50 restaurants/cafes, food trucks, convenience stores and ethnic markets. Check out your favorite “go to” for take-out, or try something new today – learn more here:


Even though we can’t currently eat at our favorite food place, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy that restaurant’s food. As such, it is important to remember that these venues are what makes the SeaTac food landscape and contribute a good part of the city’s tax base; which enables public services we all need and use.

There are many ways you can support. Below are just a few to get you started. Enjoy!

    • Visit a business for take-out and buy groceries and other goods locally.
    • You can choose to “support now and dine later” by buying a gift card. Your funds immediately support the restaurant, and you can stock up on holiday gifts for your loved ones or yourself! The nice thing is that when you’re able to use them, it’ll feel like getting to eat for free.
    • At the end of the day, almost every business is struggling with this crisis in a different way. It’s worth asking your neighborhood restaurant, coffee shop, wine store, or cafe how they’re managing and what you can do to support them. And please, remember to tip the person serving you or the delivery person extra.

In an effort to support our SeaTac businesses and to better serve the community, workers and visitors, the Economic Development Division is providing the below information, which is subject to change. If your information is missing or has changed, please contact Aleksandr Yeremeyev at ayeremeyev@seatacwa.gov (206-973-4843) or Tanja Carter at tcarter@seatacwa.gov (206-973-4838).

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