From SeaTac Police / King County Sheriff’s Office:

A goose on the loose caused quite a stir in SeaTac recently.

On Thursday night, April 9. 2020, an injured Canadian goose was stopping traffic on Military Road, adjacent to the SeaTac City Hall/PD.

That’s when SeaTac PD Community Service Officer Regina Burke and City of SeaTac Parking Compliance Officer Darren Parks moved in. CSO Burke activated the emergency lights on her van, got around traffic and scooted the temperamental goose to the grassy knoll of City Hall. SeaTac Police Officer Kyle Rip moved in for the assist.

The next morning, Friday, CSO Burke noticed the injured goose still on the knoll and after being told by Dept. of Fish & Wildlife that “nature will take its course,” she immediately contacted Parking Compliance Officer Parks and formulated a plan to capture the bird for transport to PAWS animal rescue.

Shortly after the daring rescue, PCO Parks and the goose realized they had something in common – they’re both from Canada.