The City of SeaTac Parks, Community Programs & Services has partnered with SeaTac based non-profit Vibe Hunters to launch the first-ever City Yard Art Contest.

Yard Art is defined as any man-made aesthetic experience occurring in a private yard or garden, as well as those found in outdoor spaces such as pastures, nurseries, community gardens and vacant lots.

The ‘SeaTac Art Attack’ art contest began in June, and runs through Labor Day:

    • To enter the contest, SeaTac residents must sign up by Aug. 31, 2020.
    • There is no fee. Here is a link to the application.
    • The week of Sept. 7, judges will drive around to all of the participating households to view the art pieces.
    • Trophies and prizes will be awarded.
    • Maps of all art pieces will be available for anyone in the community to drive around and enjoy the art.
    • Art must be visible from the street and should be at least semi-permanent.

For more information on the contest, visit this link to Vibe Hunters.