Information courtesy the City of SeaTac/SeaTac Police:

On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, Detective Frazier of the SeaTac Street Crimes Unit observed activity occurring in a SeaTac grocery store parking lot that appeared narcotics related.

Further investigation led to the seizure of a moving van believed to contain a large amount of marijuana, along with an SUV.

As the investigation continued, detectives discovered that the primary subject involved had a storage unit here in the City. Detectives summoned a narcotics detection dog to the storage facility and the dog alerted on the unit belonging to the subject. A search warrant was then obtained for both vehicles and the storage unit.

Upon performing the searches, detectives found that the moving van contained approximately 208 pounds of marijuana, along with a plethora of packaging materials and equipment. The storage unit contained approximately 267 pounds of marijuana. The SUV was found to contain approximately eight pounds of marijuana as well as small amounts of methamphetamine and cocaine.

Charges are pending for three subjects, all of whom reside out of state.