From our friends at the Highline Schools Foundation:

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Make Sure Our Students are Connected!

COVID-19 has created a situation where the start of the school year will look very different for students across the United States. Here in Highline, we will begin the year in full distance learning. Students will receive instruction and engage with their teachers online.

However, we have discovered that there are many students in Highline Public Schools who do not have access to quality Broadband internet access. For these students, engaging in school is difficult if not impossible. That’s just not okay! While hot spots were provided to many families last spring, this did not provide the quality internet necessary to participate in school. All students should have access to their teacher and online classroom so that learning can continue.

Thanks to a partnership with Comcast, we are able to provide quality Broadband Internet to those families without it for the cost of $140 per year. Our best estimate is that we need to raise funds to get Broadband internet to 1,000 Highline families by September. We know our community is generous and can help us to do this. Please help provide Broadband Internet to a Highline Family (or two or more) through Highline Schools Foundation’s Connect Highline Families campaign. You can make a single payment or do a monthly recurring payment to help with these expenses.

Together, we can make sure that ALL Highline students start the year connected to their teacher, their school, and their learning.

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