SeaTac Police are seeking the public’s help identifying some car prowlers:

SeaTac Police/King County Sheriff’s Office responded on Saturday, Oct. 3, 2020 to a hotel at 19600 International Boulevard (map below) for a vehicle prowl. The city of Seatac is a contract city and partner of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

Based on surveillance video, police believe the break-in happened around midnight. A newer white Chevy Malibu can be seen parking near the victim’s vehicle. The Malibu was driven by a female.

A different female begins casing cars in the lot, including the victim’s. The suspect Malibu then parks elsewhere and a male and female then approach the victim’s vehicle and break a window to gain entry.

The car prowl victim reported that hiking boots, a pink backpack and $120.00 in cash were stolen from the vehicle.

The female driver of the Malibu was described as having long black hair, grey sweatshirt, light colored blue jeans and tennis shoes.

The second suspect was described as a male, dark jacket with his hood up, blue jeans and dark tennis shoes.

The third suspect, female, was described as wearing a dark baseball hat, grey sweatshirt and light colored blue jeans.

The suspect vehicle did not have a front license and may have had a temporary plate on the rear.

If you have any information on this car prowl, please contact KCSO’s non-emergency number at 206 -296-3311 regarding case #C20031413, or go to Crime Stoppers and leave an anonymous tip at

Photos courtesy King County Sheriff’s Office