SeaTac Police / King County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents never to leave your car running while unattended:

As the colder weather approaches, please remember to NEVER leave your car running while unattended. In this case, it was a valuable yet hard lesson to learn for a local woman.

On Nov. 4, 2020 at 7:12 a.m.,SeaTac Police deputies were called to an apartment complex in the 19000 block of Military Road South.

The victim told deputies that she had started her vehicle in her designated parking space next to her apartment building. Realizing she forgot her purse, she went back into her apartment to retrieve it. When she returned, her car was gone.

A report was taken and the outstanding vehicle is now listed as stolen.

This all happened in a matter of minutes. Never leave your car idling and unattended. This time of year, thieves are watching for this scenario and will swipe your valuable vehicle.