SeaTac Police / King County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that, because of a collaboration between a car theft victim and SeaTac deputies, they were able to catch an occupied stolen vehicle:

Police say that on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 at 12:32 p.m., their 9-1-1 communications center received a call from a woman who recently had her vehicle stolen in the city of Kent. She discovered, via a GPS tracking device, that the vehicle was currently parked in the 20400 block of International Boulevard South in SeaTac (map below).

SeaTac deputies responded to the scene and found the specific vehicle running and occupied by two males. Both men were detained.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, deputies noticed that part of the front windshield was painted black, making it difficult to see the vehicle VIN. The rear license plate was also removed. The license plate, which came back stolen out of Kent, was found in the trunk.

Upon interviewing the occupants, the male in the passenger seat told deputies that he only met the male in the driver’s seat that day. He claimed that he was asked by a mutual friend of theirs to help the driver sell some items and volunteered to do so. He was eventually released at the scene.

The driver had initially given a fictitious name but was eventually positively identified. He was arrested and booked into the King County Jail on investigation of Possession of a Stolen Motor Vehicle.

The stolen vehicle was returned to the registered owner.