By Jack Mayne

The SeaTac City Council voted Tuesday night (Jan. 26, 2021) to notify King County it wants to terminate its contract for police services from the King County Sheriff’s Office and consider other options. However, the contract remains in full force for the foreseeable future, while a new course is plotted.

Five to two
SeaTac voted 5 – 2 to pass a resolution telling the King County Council and County Executive Dow Constantine it has approved a resolution that it intends to terminate an interlocal agreement with King County Law Enforcement Services – that it wants to terminate its agreement providing the officers and services of the King County Sheriff’s Office.

The no votes were from Councilmembers Senayet Negusse and Takele Gobena.

The idea – said City Manager Carl Cole – was to give the city time to research whether the city wants to negotiate. The termination process begins with the city providing King County with a written 45-day “Notice of Intent to Terminate.”

Councilmembers say the process gives the city time to study the issue with the varied communities of residents of the city.

45-day notice
After a minimum 45 days — or longer — the city may formally terminate the agreement by providing a minimum 18-month notice to King County. Cole said it is important to note that these time periods are minimums and depending on circumstances, implementation of an alternative to contracting with King County may take longer.

The goal is for the city to decided whether to keep the Sheriff’s office personnel, find another police department to partner with or to create its own police services.