SeaTac Mayor Jake Simpson and Councilmembers Peter Kwon and Iris Guzmán attended the inaugural ‘Great SeaTac Scrub Down’ event on Saturday, July 9, 2022, which saw over 40 volunteers pick up litter and remove graffiti.

The event offered the community an opportunity to connect with people they might not normally interact with and pick up litter in parts of the City they may not normally visit.

“SeaTac is a diverse City and events like this create a chance to come together over a common goal in picking up litter,” said Mason Giem Public Works Programs Coordinator.

One person even decided to use their five-hour layover at the nearby Sea-Tac Airport as an opportunity to volunteer, even though she doesn’t live in the city or state.

Nearly a dozen additional volunteers joined in on the dock with the scuba diving team, which collected eight bags of trash from the bottom of the lake. Scuba divers collected old cellphones, sunglasses, bike tires and even a 1936 Coke bottle made in Seattle.

Drivers in the area thanked volunteers for their time as they took to the sidewalks to pick up litter. Roughly 65 bags of trash were picked up, nearly 1,000 pounds of garbage.

After volunteers finished with pick up they were provided a catered lunch from the local Kulan Halal Deli and a performance by the Triple Treat Band.

Below are some photos from the event, courtesy the City of SeaTac:

Be on the lookout next year for The Great SeaTac Scrub Down volunteering opportunities and sign up to be notified by contacting Mason Giem at