MISSING: This dog was last seen on 164th Street and 32nd Ave S. in SeaTac on Sept. 30, 2022:

After getting spooked and running west along 164th Street from the Crestview Park area in SeaTac on the morning of 9/27 she was spotted near the intersection of 164th St and 32nd Ave S by the mail carrier on 9/28.

On 9/30 spotted by an elderly couple from the Olympic View apartments running to the end of 32nd Ave S which dead ends. A black SUV/van followed her inquiring if anyone knew whose dog it was. Couple stated person gave up and left but this person may know what direction the dog went in. Would love to find this person to get more information.

There is a dense greenbelt behind the houses at the end of 32nd Ave S filled with brambles and various fences and we have looked in several backyards but it is not easy to move through. She has not been spotted in there but it is a possibility.

We are not from here and traveling through on a move so the dog is very scared and not familiar with the area. She is chipped, medium sized but only 19#’s, has lon legs for her size and has one floppy ear. She will not have the blue harness on but did have a collar w/tag when lost.

PLEASE DO NOT CHASE as that may cause her to run further away or into a dangerous situation. If spotted please note the cross streets and what direction she is moving in and if you’re able to stay with her until I or animal control arrives that would be great.

Please also keep an eye out for someone keeping or walking a dog that looks like her as it may be her.

Please call/text @ 917-915-1111 with any information even if you think you saw her a while ago. I am heartbroken.

Here’s the region we’ve seen the most sightings of Adel. The empty space in the middle is the bramble filled greenbelt where she might be hiding. We still need a more recent sighting. Last one was on 9/30 at the end of 32nd Ave. S which you can see on this map.