The City of SeaTac on Friday, Nov. 10, 2023 honored military veterans at its annual Veterans Day Ceremony held in front of the memorial by the Community Center.

Speakers for the ceremony include Councilmember Mohamed Egal and Sergeant Jeffrey A. Guite.

A color guard, wind ensemble and bag piper were also be present to pay tribute to vets.

“I was not born in America but I choose to be an American,” Councilmember Mohamed Egal said. “The United States has provided me with a home when I needed a home as a young man, due to the sacrifice made by men and women. While we have differences and different stories, on a day like Veterans Day we put these differences aside for a common and noble cause.”

The local Veterans Memorial honors military members of the past and present from every community and incorporates engraved tiles as a lasting way to remember loved ones. The SeaTac memorial was originally dedicated in 2019.

Below is video from the ceremony, courtesy the City of SeaTac:

“Our veterans are defending our country 365 days a year and they have done this since the time of the Revolutionary War–that’s 240 years,” Parks & Rec Director Mary Tuttle said. “They have all made a promise to defend our country with their lives if called upon. In times of peace and war, our veterans have demonstrated commitment, courage and honor. Without our veterans and their commendable strength, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today.”

Deputy Mayor Senayet Negusse, Councilmember Erin Sitterley and former councilmembers Pam Fernald and Stan Tombs were also in attendance.

“This is one time a year we get together but my prayer is that we remember our veterans all year long,” Sergeant Jeffrey A. Guite said.

Here are photos from the event, courtesy the City of SeaTac: