The City SeaTac was recently awarded a $100.000 grant from the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office that will be used for trail repairs at North SeaTac Park, the city announced.

This is the third grant award for park improvements throughout the City.

The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office received 57 grant applications and chose 13 projects to fund (including SeaTac’s). The Washington State Legislature provided one-time funding in the operating budget for RCO to help local parks departments maintain their working facilities to meet the needs of their residents. This program focuses on helping communities in need address maintenance backlogs for key local parks facilities and capital improvements.

Applications and proposals for projects were ranked by the group based on need, impact, readiness to move forward, local low-income levels and social vulnerability.

The funds will be used to repair numerous damaged sections of asphalt trail within North SeaTac Park.

Photo courtesy City of SeaTac.