The SeaTac Community Center is once again hosting a tank of baby Coho salmon this year, the City of SeaTac announced this week.

“Watch as the eggs hatch and grow until they are released in Des Moines Creek later this Spring,” officials said.

Here’s more info from the city:

Salmon are an important part of the environment and culture of the Pacific Northwest. Recently, salmon populations have decreased due to habitat loss, changes in climate and oceanic conditions, and poor water quality.

Rain water and snow melt on streets, roofs and parking lots (also called stormwater) can carry pollutants like litter, oil, pesticides and other contaminants straight to waterways. Generally, stormwater is not treated or filtered before it goes to lakes, rivers and creeks. This means that whatever gets into stormwater goes straight to salmon habitats.

Here are some ways that you can help protect the salmon that inhabit SeaTac streams:

    • Wash your car in a commercial car wash instead of at home (the wash water goes to the sewer treatment plant).
    • Don’t use pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers in your yard. These can wash into stormwater.
    • Check your car for leaks and bring it into an auto shop to get fixed if you notice any leaks.
    • Inflate your tires to the proper level to reduce contaminants from tire wear particles.
      Pick up after pets. The bacteria from animal waste can wash into stormwater.
    • Participate in our Adopt a Drain Program to help keep your storm drain clear of leaves and litter.
    • Report any dumping or spills to our spill hotline: 206-973-4770.
    • Every action you take helps make our creeks healthier for salmon and other aquatic wildlife.

Visit the Community Center over the next few weeks to watch the salmon eggs start to hatch in their new home!

The SeaTac Community Center is located at 13735 24th Ave S.: