The City SeaTac continues moving its fleet to electric, as it’s receiving six new work trucks this week – all Ford F150 Lightnings.

The electric trucks – which have an MSRP of $49,995 – were ordered in August, 2022 to replace six trucks across the maintenance fleet. Five of these vehicles will be used by parks maintenance.

Funding was provided in the budget and already allocated to replace trucks that were either damaged or old.

The new EV trucks have an EPA estimated range of 320 miles.

In April of 2022, City Council approved a $75,000 fleet electrification study. Electrification of the City’s vehicle fleet will benefit the City not only from an environmental perspective, but it will also reduce overall fleet maintenance and operating costs. Developing and implementing a comprehensive fleet electrification program/strategy now will help ensure that the City is able to complete the transition by 2030, minimize our costs in doing so, and position the City to take advantage of anticipated grant funding opportunities.

“This is probably the right approach for us,” Bryan Chappell, SeaTac’s Maintenance and Operations Manager said.

The City said it hopes to replace all of its people-moving vehicles with electric versions in the near future.

Seattle City Light is working with SeaTac to help fund the chargers needed for these F150s. One charger is already installed at the main maintenance building. The City and Seattle City Light are looking to install more.