SPONSORED: From Advertiser Stan Tombs for SeaTac City Council, Position #5:

“Born here in SeaTac, I was appointed in January by the City Council to serve out the term of late City Councilwoman Ahmed.

Previously I served our City as Vice Chairman of our Planning Commission since 2017.

Our job as Councilmembers is to produce effective public policy with which our City Manager and his staff can implement into action plans for our City government. In this dynamic environment it has been an on-going challenge and our city has overcome the $2.5 million debt we inherited from the pre 2016 Council.

This year we are $20 million dollars ahead of forecasted revenues, and we’ve brought in a $1 billion of private business investment, which means more and better paying jobs and more revenue to support the City without raising property taxes.

We’ve doubled the number of police officers on patrol during each shift for safer homes, streets, businesses and schools, and we’re adding and upgrading our parks & playgrounds across the City.

And this is just the start.

We’ll have more diverse housing opportunities, more retail space, better streets & sidewalks, more funding for our Human Services efforts and more effective community outreach and participation.

And this isn’t just fantasy & hollow campaign promises. These are actions underway right now!

Please support these efforts with your vote to retain your 3 current City Councilmember candidates.

Thank you,

Stan Tombs, City Council Position #5.”