This week the Board of the Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority (Sound Transit) approved Motion No. M2020-06, appointing Mr. Joseph Scorcio, the Chamber’s Executive Consultant and former City Manager of SeaTac, along with two others to its independent Citizen Oversight Panel.

Mr. Scorcio, Ms. Hally Bert, and Mr. Brett Johnson are the three Pierce County residents appointed to the Citizen Oversight Panel for a term of four years beginning February 1, 2020 and expiring January 31, 2024.

The Sound Transit Citizen Oversight Panel (COP) is an independent 15-member advisory committee of citizen volunteers appointed by the Sound Transit Board to monitor and report on Sound Transit performance in delivering on the commitments it made in Sound Move, ST2, and ST3. The COP is charged with an annual review of Sound Transit’s performance and financial plan and provides reports and recommendations to the Board. The COP monitors Sound Transit’s performance in the following areas:

    • Adherence to its public commitments
    • Open and timely involvement of citizens
    • The process of evaluating project alternatives
    • Capital and operating budgets and finance plans
    • Equity in subarea budgets and reporting
    • Adherence to schedules and budgets
    • Review of annual performance audits

Service on the COP requires an appointee to be a registered voter within the Sound Transit District and reside and/or work within the Sound Transit district boundary King County, Pierce County, or Snohomish County. In addition, the appointee must have experience/skills in one or more areas of expertise related to the panel’s responsibilities, including business and finance management, engineering, large projects construction management, public facilities and service, government processes, and public policy development or review.

“While officially designated as a representative of Pierce County communities, his experience with, and understanding of Sound Transit issues in South King County will be very valuable to his service on the COP,” Seattle Southside Chamber President/CEO Andrea Reay said.

Mr. Scorcio (pictured, right) has been providing executive management assistance to the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce since his 2019 retirement after 42 years in local government management. He most recently served as the City Manager and Community and Economic Development Director for six years with the City of SeaTac. He served in a wide range of senior management positions during his nearly 30 years with Pierce County. Mr. Scorcio has dealt extensively with Sound Transit since its inception, including negotiating development and operating agreements.

“I appreciate that the COP was created to be an independent committee that can explore the many complex issues facing the regional transit authority,” said Mr. Scorcio. “From my own experiences, both good and bad, I hope to be able to contribute to this critical conversation with the other COP members.”

About the Seattle Southside Chamber of Commerce
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